Data Analysis for Reservoir Characterisation

■ Develop property models using powerful data fitting functionalities
■ Perform advanced statistical data analysis, correlations and analogue benchmarking
■ Generate stochastic simulation for probabilistic volume assessment

Mapping & Visualisation

■ Visualise, edit and generate maps of reservoir properties 
■ Perform upscaling and downscaling 
■ Automated visualisation of reservoir simulation outcomes for high-grading  analysis 
■ GIS functionality and map overlay capability
■ User-defined attribute generation with Map Calculator feature
■ Conduct map-based volumetric assessment, sweet-spotting and uncertainty evaluation to support Appraisal and Volume Estimation exercises

Production Forecasting

■ Generate rapid full-field, static model based forecasts
■ Advanced material balance production forecasting, multi-well and multi-layer
■ Fast numerical scheme for transient production behaviour
■ Perform uncertainty and variability assessments 
■ Forecast alternative well & completion concepts, with a comprehensive constraints handling capability 

Production History Matching

Match pilot well production with multiple solutions
■ Generate matching parameter ranges for reservoir characterisation input
■ Finite-Elements numerical and Material-balance
■ Multiple global search algorithm including evolutionary stochastic methods

Field Development Planning Optimisation

■ Forecast alternative drilling schedule, well technology and spacing concepts
■ Automated type curve generation
■ Identify optimum drilling and completion concepts
■ Support decision under uncertainty

Economic Evaluation

■ Perform field and sector economic evaluation using a variety of pre-defined and user-defined indicators
■ Detailed and scalable complexity of cost templates. 
■ Development concept ranking for Field Development Planning decisions


■ Easy export of data, text, figures, tables and maps in most recognized formats
■ Drag'n'drop functionality for copying data and graphic to Ms Office applications

Data Analysis
Mapping Visualisation
Production Forecasting
History Matching
FDP Optimisation
Economic Evaluation
DOT.CBM Reporting


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* Latest download version 1.2.153
** Stability fixes
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* Version 1.2.128
** Upgraded History Matching
** Added Field History Matching
** Infill Drilling Optimisation
** Anisotropic Drainage Area maps